Ever since we were young kids, we’ve been fascinated by sports. We loved watching the athletes of different sports compete. We watched them fall in love with their sport. We saw the determination in their movement and could feel the fire in their hearts. Then we fell in love ourselves. Coco with football. Ellie with golf.
Being athletes our entire lives, we’ve seen first hand how powerful sports can be and what an impact it can have on one’s life. It teaches you valuable lessons for both on and off the field, the court and the course. After being student athletes in the United States for the past four years we have come to a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a professional athlete. We know that there is so much more behind the success of a professional athlete than what we get to see. We know that there is no right or wrong way to succeed and we know that every athlete has their own unique story.
We’ve seen the sweat. We’ve seen the tears. We’ve seen the moments that the cameras don’t capture; the hard work and the dedication of a journey behind all the fame and success.
That is what inspired us to create E&C. At our Youtube channel, athletes will share the unknown side of their journeys. Professional athletes are the ultimate inspiration; working hard each and every day to follow their dreams. What better way to get inspired than hearing professional athletes tell their stories. Explaining the dedication and grind that lies behind a shiny trophy. Opening up about the challenges that made them grow. Sharing their best advice for all of you who aspire to follow your dreams. And answering the question that we always wanted to ask… when times were tough, what kept them going?
In interview format, we will share the stories of those who’ve inspired us since we were just kids. To inspire the young, the old, athletes and non-athletes. To help empower those who don’t believe in themselves and to encourage everyone that it is possible to overcome adversity. To inspire you to follow your dream, whatever that dream might be. Professional athletes simply never give up on their dreams. Neither should you.



Corentin Guegan

Corentin goes by Coco and is originally from Vannes, France. He has played soccer since the age of 5; both in the 5th division in France and at the NCAA div I and div II collegiate level in the United States. He graduated from Manhattan College with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Business Management in May 2018 and graduated from University of Mobile with his Master in Business Administration in May 2019. Coco loves sports, travel, and fitness and is passionate about inspiring others, entrepreneurship, and social media communications. 

Eleonor Skoog

Eleonor goes by Ellie and comes from Gothenburg, Sweden. She has played golf since she was 4 years old; on the Swedish Golf Tour and at the NCAA div II collegiate level in the United States. She graduated from Limestone College with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Sport Management, Business Management and Business Marketing in May 2019. Ellie loves sports, fitness and healthy cooking and is passionate about writing as well as sports communication/relations. 



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Vivalicious Introjuice

With their smoothies and juices containing superfoods such as Spirulina and Baobab, Vivalicious Introjuice aim to inspire others to a healthier lifestyle. We are very excited to have partnered up with this business as we believe strongly in their great tasting products while their mission also aligns well with our ambition to inspire others. 


Generation Pep

We stand behind Generation Pep’s vision – that all kids and young people should have the opportunity and will to live an active and healthy life. Today only three out of ten young people reach the recommended amount of physical activity, 60 minutes per day, and only one out of ten eat enough vegetables, fruits and berries. This is something that we want to take part in changing! We contribute by conducting interviews with professional athletes that kids and young people can be inspired by and mimic in order to live a more active and healthy life. Together we create a movement for better health!