Molly Carlson

Molly Carlson is a professional high diver. She’s a member of Team Canada, and a former college diver at Florida State University – where she became a 5x NCAA All-American.

In this episode we speak about:

  • Her time as a diver
  • How she ended up transitioning into high diving after graduating from college
  • Why there are only about 20 female professional high divers worldwide
  • Her views of fear and what it’s like to deal with the mental side of such an extreme sport
  • Molly’s previous battle with mental health issues and body dysmorphia
  • How her previous experiences contributed to her creating and growing the #BraveGang community – a community of over 2.3 million followers on TikTok that both inspires and celebrates bravery at every level

Enjoy the episode!

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Here is where you can follow Molly, her continued high diving journey and the #BraveGang community:

Molly’s TikTok
Molly’s Instagram
Molly’s Website

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