Laura Siegemund

Laura Siegemund is a German tennis player. She competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics and has 2 singles and 6 doubles titles on the WTA Tour, including 2 Grand Slam doubles titles.

In this episode we speak about:

  • Memories from her career where she got to represent Germany at the Fed Cup and at the Olympics
  • All the pressure and expectations that come with competing and winning tournaments at home
  • What went through her mind when she tore her ACL and the way that it impacted her and her mentality moving forward
  • The meaning of success and how it’s more than just awards and trophies
  • The importance of doing what you love and be very selective when it comes to taking other people’s advice

Enjoy the episode!

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Here is where you can follow Laura and her continued tennis journey:

Laura’s Instagram
Laura’s Website

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