Kirsty Gilmour

Kirsty Gilmour is a Scottish badminton player. Representing both Scotland and Great Britain since 2008, Kirsty is a repeat medalist at both the Commonwealth games and the European Games and became an Olympian in 2016 after competing at the Rio Olympics.

In this episode we speak about:

  • The value of hard work and how her hard work mentality has brought her to where she is today
  • How she had to learn the hard way that comments on social media (both good and bad) can have a huge impact on your performance as an athlete
  • The difficulties of competing and traveling the world to competitions by yourself
  • The importance of working on your mental game and mindset
  • How to maintain a proportional work-life balance

Enjoy the episode!

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Here is where you can follow Kirsty and her continued badminton journey:

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