Katie Hoff

Katie Hoff is a former professional American swimmer. She’s an 8x World Champion, a 2x Olympian and a 3x Olympic Medalist. Today, Katie is a bestselling author, a keynote speaker and co-founder of the company Synergy Dryland.

In this episode we speak about:

  • Her relentless attitude of wanting to become the best from a very young age
  • What it was like for her to compete at the Olympics when she was only 15 years old
  • How to deal with expectations
  • What she has learned from managing the disappointment of realizing that not all things turn out the way you want them to
  • What it was like having to give up her athletic career because of a health condition in 2015 and how she found her identity outside of the pool after that
  • Her passion for sharing her experiences and learnings with others and
  • Her bestselling book ‘’BluePrint – An Olympian’s Story of Striving, Adapting and Embracing the Suck’’ in 2020.

Enjoy the episode!

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