Charlotte Clarke

Charlotte Clarke is an ultramarathon runner from the UK. She went through 2 heart surgeries in her twenties and have completed 3 ultramarathons and 6 marathons in the past 6 months.

In this episode we speak about:

  • Her background in dance and the fitness industry
  • How she found her way to ultramarathon running when she wanted to raise money for the British Heart Foundation
  • Her advice on how to face adversity and come out stronger on the other side
  • How to stay focused on your goals instead of comparing yourself to other people
  • Her purpose, which is to encourage others to find joy and movement in what works best for them and being part of inspiring others to live an active life

Enjoy the episode!

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Here is where you can follow Charlotte and her continued running journey:

Charlotte’s Instagram
Charlotte’s Facebook
Charlotte’s Twitter
Charlotte’s Website/blog

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