Ana Gros

Ana Gros is a Slovenian handball player. She’s the captain of the Slovenian National Team and is currently playing in Brest in France. At the club level she’s won the Championship and Cup in basically every country she’s played in, she’s been named the French Championship Right Back six times in a row and the All-Star Right Back of the EHF Champions League in 2018.

In this episode we speak about:

  • Her many years living abroad and how these experiences have impacted her and contributed to her now speaking six different languages
  • The many lessons that handball has taught her
  • How it makes her happy to be able to give back and be a role model to the younger generation today
  • How she considered giving up on handball at one point in her career, before rediscovering her love for the sport again
  • How she is now working harder than ever to realize a lifelong dream of hers: winning the Champions League

Enjoy the episode!

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Here is where you can follow Ana’s continued handball journey:

Ana’s Instagram
Ana’s Facebook

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